Managed network services provide routine, proactive and preventative maintenance for your network. Businesses of all size rely heavily on technology; however, not every business can justify a full time IT staff. As your trusted IT service provider, we are continuously monitoring the health of your infrastructure, and then managing growth by providing: Scheduled site/device reporting a bird’s eye view into the real performance of your IT infrastructure. Perspective into what equipment and software has been installed and where current or new system resources can be best allocated. The ability to forecast failures before they occur, such as a critical server running out of hard drive space.

Integrity Techno manages the complex and hybrid networks of businesses. Our solution proactively monitors and reports the network performance and availability of devices such as routers, switches, gateways etc.


Integrity Techno provides support services give you access to our highly skilled team of professionals. With our assistance, you can increase the availability of your infrastructure while improving end-user satisfaction without hiring additional IT staff. You can also cut costs related to traditional service fees, IT operations, hardware, and transport. Your IT budget will stabilize with a predictable monthly sxpend, plus you will have access to the latest technology. We offer a variety of onsite support services to drive end-user satisfaction:

  • End-user support for software applications, devices, and hardware endpoints
  • Mac and PC Support
  • Advanced Networking support
  • Walk-up IT help desk lounge
  • Virtual tech lounge
  • 24x7x365 Service Desk that offers live support
  • Dedicated team of technicians assigned to each client


Application Support model is an evolved and proven multi-tiered framework on which our support solutions are based upon that are offer to suit all needs of our customers. Our support model provides high-availability service products in a networked environment. In the leveled support model, organizational functions are placed in an escalation hierarchy with clear lines of demarcation between functions to ensure that responsibilities and duties are clearly defined. Depending on the nature of your IT infrastructure, how many users there are, and how critical it is to your day to day operations, we tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. We have 24/7 application availability, capacity and performance monitoring teams and we automate many of these functions to make the system even more effective. We have experience in monitoring and maintaining large Enterprise Applications, allowing us to formulate the right escalation process to bring appropriate attention from critical stakeholders.


Integrity Techno offerings range from automating existing IT service desks to implementing new tools, consolidating IT service desks, and incorporating web-enabled support. Our Global Service Desk and Field Support allows enterprises to improve user productivity and satisfaction, bringing continuous improvement in line with business requirements using support in multiple countries, time zones, and languages

High-quality support and network monitoring services – every hour of every day.

Integrity Techno understands that information offers companies strategic advantages and it ensures proper mechanisms are in place for the data to be analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly. The Best Service Desks Manage Information delivery by utilizing Information IT Infrastructure Library best practices to deliver these services. We offer comprehensive Outsourced Help Desk services to customers requiring a full service technical resource center, full or part-time help desk, application support center, or customer service desk.

We fix provides far more than just remote support staff; we actually deploy an entire help desk support infrastructure which includes:

  • Certified in-house staff
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
  • On-site escalation support available
  • 24*7*365 Coverage
  • Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users
  • Phone / email /chat options available.

Why Integrity Techno Service Desk:

At Integrity Techno. we focus on innovation and business growth – instead of infrastructure management and fire-fighting – and quickly realize the following benefits:

  • Optimize end-user productivity
  • Reduce support costs
  • Measure and reduce response times
  • Scale quickly to keep pace with business needs
  • Improve end-user and customer satisfaction
  • Realize a higher ROI compared to in-house help desk – when factoring costs for tools, staff, etc.
  • We focus on First call resolution
  • We believe in providing exceptional customer experience